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Kat Shepherd loves writing fast-paced middle grade series that is likely to engage reluctant readers, because as an educator, she believes that reading should be a joyful experience for every kid. She is the author of both the spooky Babysitting Nightmares series (Macmillan/Imprint) and the upcoming Gemini Mysteries series (Yellow Jacket). A former classroom teacher, Kat has also spent various points in her life working as a deli waitress, a Hollywood script reader, and a dog trainer for film and TV. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two dogs, and a rotating series of foster dogs. 

Kat has been working with middle graders for over twenty years, and she loves visiting schools and Skyping with classrooms. To book a school or Skype visit you can contact her through her website, katshepherd.com. You can also follow her on social media on Twitter: @bookatshepherd and Instagram: @authorshep.

About Babysitting Nightmares:

The Nightmares are coming… Call the babysitters

Rebecca, Clio, Maggie and Tanya have always loved babysitting, but the girls  suddenly have their hands full when a supernatural force reawakens in the town, bringing a spooky new adventure with every babysitting job. The four girls must work together to keep their charges safe from the evil Night Queen and her supernatural minions. With the help of Clio’s aunt, Kawanna, and some other friends they meet along the way, the girls learn to trust themselves and one another to become the heroes their town needs.

ShadowHandIn Book 1, The Shadow Hand, a freak thunderstorm sets off a series of creepy events in the house where Rebecca babysits. A locked window opens by itself, mossy handprints streak the wall, and the baby begins acting strange. With the help of her friends, Rebecca discovers that the villainous Night Queen has taken the baby and replaced him with a changeling. The girls can save him―if they can survive a frightening journey into the Nightmare Realm!

Phantom HourIn Book 2, The Phantom Hour, Clio has already had one brush with the paranormal, and she’s dead set on making it her last.  But her new babysitting job is in a haunted house! At first, Clio’s excited to work at the historical Victorian mansion in town―until doors start closing behind her, objects move on their own, and messages appear from beyond the grave. With the help of her friends, Clio works to uncover long-buried secrets from the past. Can Clio face her fear and solve the mystery of the haunted mansion?

Twilight CurseBook 3, The Twilight Curse, arrives August 20. When the town’s old movie palace is converted into a theater, Maggie is thrilled to get a job helping with the first stage production. Even though she’s just babysitting the star’s kids, Maggie is determined to learn everything she can about acting. But a devilish ghoul seems to have other plans for the performance! It’s up to Maggie and her friends to investigate. Can they vanquish the threat in time for opening night?


Book 4 is still in the revision stages, but expect to see Tanya battling possessed dolls sometime in early 2020!

Praise for Babysitting Nightmares:

“Fans of “Goosebumps” and the updated “Baby-Sitters’ Club” graphic novels will find lots to like in this delightfully monstrous mash-up.” ―School Library Journal

“Fast-paced, action-packed, and just as fun as it is frightening, this series is a sure winner. The cast of real, relatable characters and the thrillingly vivid prose only further ensure that readers―reluctant, eager, or somewhere in between―will be left looking forward to more of Shepherd’s delightfully creepy tales.” ―Jarrett Lerner, author of EngiNerds

“These spooky stories of friendship and paranormal adventure will have young readers flipping pages well past their bedtime.”― Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, New York Times Bestselling author of Book Scavenger

“A wicked fun friendship story, packed with deliciously creepy scares.” ―Lauren Myracle, co-author of The New York Times-bestselling Upside-Down Magic series

“Expect the girls to appear in another spooky adventure!” ―Booklist

About Gemini Mysteries:

Readers will love this interactive middle-grade mystery, where clues can be found throughout the illustrations at the end of each chapter! Look for the series debut on March 5, 2019!

North StarIn Book 1, The North Star, Twins Zach and Evie Mamuya and their friend Vishal Desai make up the Gemini Detective Agency, which is mainly an excuse to get pizza together or hit the go-kart track. But when a priceless diamond necklace known as the North Star is stolen before an auction, the kids tag along with the twins’ crime reporter mom and find a few clues that make them think this was no ordinary robbery. With the help of their classmate Sophia Boyd, the Gemini Detective Agency is on the case! Will they be able to sort through the clues and solve the mystery in time?

Praise for The North Star:

“Full of twists and turns and with the promise of a second installment, this is a fun read for mystery lovers.”—Booklist

“With characters who grab your attention, illustrations that invite you to play along, and a plot with more twists than a country road, get ready for a fast and fun mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.  How do I sign up to join the Gemini Detective Agency?” -James Ponti, Edgar-award winning author of the FRAMED! mystery series

“The North Star is mystery and intrigue at its best. I loved putting my observational skills to the test as I searched for clues in the illustrations at the end of every chapter. Captivating. Clever. Compulsively readable. A must-have for all emerging detectives! Lauren Magaziner, author of Case Closed mystery series

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