Lorelei Savaryn

Lorelei Savaryn (loreleisavaryn.com) is an author of creepy, magical stories for children. She holds a BA in creative writing and is a former elementary teacher and instructional coach. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time amidst the beautiful chaos of life with her husband and four children outside of Chicago. You can follow her on Twitter @LoreleiSavaryn.


A dream world turns haunting nightmare in this spellbinding debut novel, perfect for fans of Circus Mirandus and The Night Gardener.

After Andrea’s brother, Francis, disappeared, everything changed. Her world turned upside down, and there was nothing she could do to right it. So when she discovers a magical dream world called Reverie in the woods near her home, Andrea jumps at the chance to escape her pain and go inside. But the cost of admission is high: Andrea must give up a memory in order to enter. And she knows exactly which memory she’d like to give up.

Once inside, Andrea discovers tent after tent of dreams come alive; she can fly on a gust of wind, brave swashbuckling pirates and search for buried treasure, reach for–and wish on–a tangible star, and much, much more. But Andrea soon realizes that not all of Reverie’s dreams are meant to delight, and the Sandman behind the circus tents seems to have plans of his own. When Andrea finds a tent in which her brother’s darkest nightmare has been brought to life, she realizes the dark truth: Reverie is not an escape; it’s a trap.

Will Andrea and her new friend Penny have what it takes to find Francis, figure out what’s really going on in Reverie, and break free from this nightmarish dream world?

A wonderfully inventive, deliciously creepy debut novel that is sure to linger in readers’ minds long after the last thrilling page has been turned.

Praise for The Circus of Stolen Dreams:

* “Savaryn’s unconventional story makes for a bewitching debut, filled with dazzling descriptions and real surprises.” —Booklist, *STARRED REVIEW*

The Circus of Stolen Dreams, Lorelei Savaryn’s debut fantasy, defies expectations. The pain of Francis’s disappearance and the effect it’s had on her family is raw and gut-wrenching, making Savaryn’s introduction of Reverie as much a breath of fresh air to readers as it is to Andrea. Reverie itself is a well imagined, highly developed dreamscape and, though Savaryn leaves proverbial breadcrumbs along its trails, she still delivers plenty of unexpected twists and turns. A powerful tale of loss, pain and growing up, The Circus of Stolen Dreams is as memorable and thought-provoking as it is enchanting.” Shelf Awareness

“The Circus of Stolen Dreams will hold your heart carefully, all while taking you on a hauntingly thrilling ride. Full of twisty secrets, imaginative magic, and the promise of hope, Andrea goes on a remarkable journey that will captivate readers until the very last page.” – Juliana Brandt, author: THE WOLF OF CAPE FEN

School Visits

As a former classroom teacher, I am very excited to combine my love of education and my love of writing into educational, engaging school visits. Please click here for information about the school programs I offer.

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