R. U. Ginns

R. U. GINNS lives in a building close to a bridge, just outside a major American city.

He collects books, graphic novels, take-out menus, and old catalogs and spends countless hours sifting through them, trying to decide which things are made up and which are real. He knows that the more horrible and terrifying a story is, the greater the chance it is 100% true.

He is NOT related to Russell Ginns, the author of the Samantha Spinner book series.

Stop! Do not read this book!

These tales of terror are so horrible, so alarming, they had to be stuck in these pages forever! You’ll discover The Boogerman, an oozing horror that lurks in mirrors. You’ll read about Instagrave, a popular new app that tells kids how they are going to die. In Epizeuxis, you’ll learn what happens if you speak the name of a—wait. We’ve said too much already. The things between these covers are too dangerous to ever be let out. That’s why we’re warning you: stay away from this book, or else!

Now, on the count of three: 1…2…3…SCREAM!

You can learn more about R. U. Ginns and his hilarifying stories at 123SCREAM.com

but that’s probably not a good idea. Actually, don’t look at that website at all . . . ever!

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