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Hello, Spooky MG People, and welcome to my page!

First, a little about me:

I love all things Disney and have a yearly pass to Disney World. Donald is by far my favorite character, and I have a huge collection in my house.

donaldsJust some of my Donald collection.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, in a section called, Gravesend. I used this name for the town in my books, figuring I couldn’t out-creepy that.  I’ve also lived in Mexico and Israel. I’ve visited many places, and my favorite trip was to the UK, where I went to Loch Ness, but Nessie was shy that day and didn’t appear for me.

Whenever I go anywhere, I try to find haunted places to stay at and take ghost tours. The Jack the Ripper tour in London was great as well, and plenty creepy.

My favorite Spooky movies are Gremlins and Shaun of the Dead. I must’ve seen each over a hundred times.

Favorite books: Besides all of the ones written by my fellow Spooky authors, As a kid, I always loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and my all-time favorite is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I occasionally like to travel through time and mess up timelines, so if I’ve accidentally done that to you, I apologize.

Authorly bio:

Jonathan Rosen is a freelance writer who spends his “free” time chauffeuring all of his kids. Jonathan was born in New York and is of Mexican descent, though neither place has been really willing to accept responsibility. You can also find him on FromtheMixedUpFiles.Com,  Twitter, Facebook as well as his own website. Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies is his debut novel. Jonathan currently lives with his family and rescue dog, Parker, in sunny South Florida. He is represented by Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency.



Twelve-year-old Devin Dexter has a problem. Well, actually, many of them. His cousin, Tommy, sees conspiracies behind every corner. And Tommy thinks Devin’s new neighbor, Herb, is a warlock . . . but nobody believes him. Even Devin’s skeptical. But soon strange things start happening. Things like the hot new Christmas toy, the Cuddle Bunny, coming to life.
That would be great, because, after all, who doesn’t love a cute bunny? But these aren’t the kind of bunnies you can cuddle with. These bunnies are dangerous. Devin and Tommy set out to prove Herb is a warlock and to stop the mob of bunnies, but will they have enough time before the whole town of Gravesend is overrun by the cutest little monsters ever? This is a very funny “scary” book for kids, in the same vein as the My Teacher books or Goosebumps.



Devin Dexter and his cousin Tommy just saved the city of Gravesend from the menace of magical, malicious Cuddle Bunnies brought to life by the warlock, Herb. But there’s no rest for the wicked, as a new mysterious neighbor moves in across the street. At night. With a coffin. Tommy immediately jumps to conclusions as he thinks this can only mean one thing: Vampires.

Devin isn’t so quick to believe, as he is struck by the neighbor’s daughter, a girl his age. Even though Tommy points out that they have never seen her during the day. Yet when she invites him to a dance at her school—the Nosfer Academy of Talented Understudies—how can Devin say no? Tommy, though, realizes that this is an opportunity. After tackling a wizard last winter, surely they can protect Gravesend from some measly vampires, right?

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