New Spooky MG: Hanging with Vampires by Insha Fitzpatrick

Happy Monday, Spooky MG friends! We have some good news for you readers: there’s a new spooky MG book for you to add to your collection: Hanging with Vampires by Insha Fitzpatrick…! It’s out on March 28th (Quirk Books).

We recently caught up with Insha to ask her three burning questions…

1. Tell us a little about the inspiration behind this book.

For many supernatural creatures, there’s always a question brewing inside your mind that makes you want to dive a little deeper into them. For Hanging With Vampires, we asked ourselves (and the little supernaturalists): Are vampires real? That’s the biggest inspiration behind the book. 

My spooktacular editor challenged me to dig a little deeper into vampires and ask myself questions beyond the everyday knowledge we know about vampires today. What real-life history put vampires on the map? What assembles Dracula into the figure that we see today? Where did vampire literature begin? How do you make the coolest vampire-hunting toolkit in the world? These questions make others interested in the weird world of the supernatural! We wanted to open the coffin and give everyone this fangtastic history and lore to enjoy.

2. What scares you most?

Oooh, that’s a good question. This goes into one of my favorite horror genres, but isolation scares me so much. I’m a super big introvert, so I love being by myself, but there’s something about isolation in some scenarios that scare me to bits! If you’ve ever seen Neil Marshall’s movie The Descent (2005) or John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), that’s my deepest fear. Can you imagine knowing that you’re isolated from the world, and no one can help you if you live in a vampire village or cryptid canyon? It gives me the shivers just thinking about it!

3. What’s your favorite snack when you’re writing?

I have three never fail go-to snacks! The first one is a vanilla chai latte! It’s my little pick-me-up for when the sluggish energy starts coming on. The next one is gummi worms. Whenever I know I have a writing slump I need to get through, they’re always fun to be silly. The last one is Andy Capp Hot Fries. They are some of the BEST chips I’ve ever had, but they are also a little messy on the fingers. I usually keep a paper towel near me before going back to typing.

Thank you, Insha!!

We can’t wait to read Hanging with VampiresGet your copy, Spooky MG friends!

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