Ira Marcks

Ira Marcks is a cartoonist living in Upstate New York with his wife, their cat and dog, and lots of books he’s been meaning to read. He is the author of Shark Summer and the upcoming Spirit Week. His love for ancient magic and possible futures has led him to create a warehouse of esoteric objects for the Hugo Award-winning magazine Weird Tales and to tell stories about villainous technology for the European Research Council. Ira is also a Top Teacher on the learning platform, Skillshare.

Visit for more on his books, classes, and school visits.

When a Hollywood film crew arrives on Martha’s Vineyard with a huge mechanical shark, Gayle “Blue Streak” Briar and her unlikely friends discover what happens when you turn your camera toward the bad things lurking below the surface.

Praise for Shark Summer

“Ira Marcks has accomplished an unusual feat with this cinematic homage: He has produced a meta-graphic novel that manages to deconstruct a genre, pay tribute to it and keep the reader happily inside it all at the same time. More popcorn please!” ―The New York Times

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