Lorien Lawrence

Lorien Lawrence is a writer and middle school English teacher from Connecticut. She has creative writing degrees from Wheaton College and Bath Spa University. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found hunting ghosts with her family. The Stitchers is her debut novel.

The Stitchers: Fright Watch Book 1

Something strange is happening on Goodie Lane . . .

​Thirteen-year-old Quinn Parker knows that there’s something off about her neighbors. She calls them “the Oldies” because they’ve lived on Goodie Lane for as long as anyone can remember, but they never seem to age. Are they vampires? Or aliens? Or getting secret experimental surgeries? Or is Quinn’s imagination just running wild again?

If her dad were still around, he’d believe her. When he was alive, they’d come up with all sorts of theories about the Oldies. Now, Quinn’s determined to keep the investigation going with the help of Mike, her neighbor and maybe-crush. They’ll have to search for clues and follow the mystery wherever it leads—even if it’s to the eerie pond at the end of the street that’s said to have its own sinister secrets. But the Oldies are on to them. And the closer Quinn and Mike get to uncovering the answers, the more they realize just how terrifying the truth may be.
Available as hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

Praise for The Stitchers:

“I finished THE STITCHERS today, and what a cool—and wild—ride it was. This is the perfect book for kids to cool off with on a hot day, because the chills come guaranteed. I loved the scares, but the heart of the story is the tough but tender partnership between Quinn and Mike. They are brave, resourceful, and just a little bit attracted to each other. I hope – they’ll be back. If they are, I will be there. So will about a million kids, I bet. Kudos to Lorien Lawrence!”
– Stephen King​

“Following her policeman father’s untimely death, 13-year-old Quinn Parker vows to discover the secret behind the Oldies—a group of seemingly unaging elderly neighbors in whom her dad was interested. She’s convinced there’s a supernatural influence behind their youthful appearance; fellow seventh grader Mike Warren is certain it’s scientific. Their curiosity is particularly piqued when octogenarian Mr. Brown becomes a strong runner overnight—one who bears the exact same calf scar as Quinn’s late father. Determined to learn the truth, the intrepid pair delve into the long and eerie history of the neighborhood, entering into a fake relationship as “the perfect cover” for the time they spend together. But as they investigate, the Oldies take an increased interest in Quinn and Mike, adding extra danger to the case. With this creepy debut, Lawrence pits her heroes against a generational power imbalance and the unsettling, universally recognizable fear of aging. While readers may guess the Oldies’ true nature before the revelation, the antagonists are satisfyingly menacing, and Quinn’s struggles—grieving her father’s death, juggling friendships—ground this series opener, giving it a healthy dose of heart. Ages 10–14.” 
– Publishers Weekly

“Something strange is happening on Goodie Lane, and 13-year-old Quinn Parker is on the case. She and her police officer father had myriad theories about “the Oldies” on the cul-de-sac—neighbors who only seem to get younger and spryer with time—but now that he’s dead, Quinn’s taken to secretly investigating with the help of her neighbor, Mike Warren. As summer vacation approaches, things quickly take a turn for the dark and sinister. Will Quinn and Mike be able to solve the mystery of Goodie Lane before the Oldies can stop them? This debut thriller is certain to leave readers eager for a good scare wanting more, which is perfect considering it’s the first in a new series. While Quinn’s theories range from vampires to mad scientists (not as far off as one might think), her seeming flights of fancy are tempered by Mike’s scientific mind, giving the story a more realistic feel. And while a budding romance between the two is hinted at, this element is secondary and sweetly innocent. Mike is Black; all other characters present as white. VERDICT A truly creepy read, perfect for fans of “Goosebumps” and Stranger Things. Recommended purchase”
– School Library Journal

Five Facts About Lorien

  1. I pitched my first novel when I was eight years old. To James Howe! He wrote me back the sweetest letter. I wish I still had it!
  2. I lived in England for a few years after college. (Talk about creepy ruins and abandoned buildings galore!)
  3. My favorite bookstore is RJ Julia Independent Booksellers in Madison, CT. And my favorite USED bookstore is the Book Barn, in Niantic, CT. Think aisles and aisles of deliciously used books, fairy lights, cats… It’s paradise! 
  4. In terms of astrology I’m a Cancer sun, Taurus Moon, Cancer Rising. 
  5. I have unhealthy obsessions with iced tea, vampires, all things Disney, and watermelon flavored Sour Patch Kids.


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